An all rounder eCommerce

Preparing for the unpredictable
September 8, 2020


The Need

Carré Royal collections are distributed by more than 200 retailers worldwide: such as in concept stores, decoration stores, accessories stores, museum stores and stationary. Thus, the eCommerce infrastructure should be reliable and easy to manage.

The company was still relying on its legacy eCommerce solution and seeking for an open source environment which has the power of a huge community behind. This way the functional upgrades or management of the whole system in modular lever could be achieved.


The Solution

Under the hood of the new online shop of Carre Royal we have WordPress as the base content management system, on top WooCommerce as one of the most reliable solutions in the market, custom tailored WordPress funcitons and seamlessly easy to tweak payment gateway configurations for both local banks and global services. The solutions is fully integrated with Google Analytics and other marketing tools such as Facebook Pixel.

Now the team behind the store has the freedom of choosing the way they desire to implement more functionalities easily such as cart abandonment tracking or retention solutions.